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About us

With over fifteen years of professional experience, Sarah Jane has worked with renowned designers including Minnie Peters and as the proprietor of Hunter Dunn Interiors. She is now based in a dedicated office and showroom located in Mullingar, and has benefited from her past endeavours with a diverse and applied knowledge of interior design across a portfolio of private residences and commercial properties.

Her design philosophy is centred around creating a home with others in mind - be that a growing brood or a circle of friends. Key to this ideal is a focus on delivering beautiful, timeless interiors without losing sight of practical considerations. She believes interiors should be informed by fashion, but not consumed by trends; instead they should be centred around people and how they live. Sarah Jane wants your home to be a place of luxury - a place that is warm and inviting with an abundance of comfort, a sanctuary that welcomes you with a promise of calm and simple beauty.

Sarah Jane’s style is a constant search for simplicity, elegance and quality, as she believes comfort to be one of life’s ultimate luxuries. This ethos is showcased in the beautifully balanced interiors she creates, and punctuated by her eye for colour, texture and stunning finishes. Sarah Jane enjoys the simple things in life with a meticulous eye for detail and a passion for timeless design.